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Author Topic: How can I sort items with the multiple pocket Seac scanners?  (Read 5530 times)
Erik Wesemann
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« on: May 16, 2013, 09:47:25 AM »

The application can make pocket decisions in the SetItemOutput event with the following options set.  These options will slow the processing of items.  MICR and images will be available at the SetItemOutput event with these options set.

SB1k_Orion_Plugin.ini (DriverOptions file):
//      Operation           Active only with Orion Machine
//                          Normal: standard operation
//                          CanSuspendItems: The machine pause items in the device for an unlimited time
//                                           after reading the MICR and other upstream data elements.
//                          FastModeFeeding: Faster standard Operation. In this case
//                                           Endorsing Mode may be only "Batch"
//                              Note:  MaxImageWidthInMM and MaxImageHeightInMM can affect
//                           the speed (DPM) in this mode for Orion scanners
//                      capable of 300 DPI images 
//      SuspendType         = Must Be "Fast Sort"

SuspendType=Fast Sort

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