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Author Topic: How can I connect my MagTek Excella to Ranger through Ethernet?  (Read 369 times)
Frank Palmasani
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« on: March 10, 2017, 03:40:48 PM »

To connect your MagTek Excella to Ranger through Ethernet, you'll need to set up the MagTek Excella for ethernet connection.

1. Please ensure that the MagTek Excella is connected by ethernet to the same network as the PC.

2. In the document linked below, reference section 3, "Ethernet Installation", to configure your MagTek Excella scanner for your network.
    The subnet mask of the scanner should match that of the network your PC is on, and you may assign the scanner a valid IP Address.


3. Once you've verified you can connect to Excella's built-in web page (from step 2) and have adjusted the scanner network settings as desired, configure MagTek-ExcellaAPI.ini for ethernet connection.

    In MagTek-ExcellaAPI.ini:

        DeviceName = EXCELLA_ETHER

    We recommend changing driver options programatically:

        m_Ranger.SetDriverOption("Device", "DeviceName", "EXCELLA_ETHER");

4. Navigate to C:\Windows\micrdev.ini and adjust the connection string of Device 1 to match the IP Address assigned to the scanner in step 2.

    In micrdev.ini:

        ConnectionString=    //adjust this option to match the IP Address established in step 2

5. Connect to RangerFlex.

If you are still having connection issues, please grab Ranger logs and INI files, and send them to support@sbullet.com with a detailed explanation of your issue.

See also:

Ranger® - The universal check scanner interface
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