How to capture an Epson log for the TM-S2000/9000

Started by Michael Japzon, January 28, 2014, 04:21:51 PM

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Michael Japzon

In order to enable Epson API logging for the TM-S2000/9000 you must enable logging through an INI file.  Please locate "LogSettings.ini" in the following location:

C:\Program Files\EPSON\TMSDriver\bin
(If both 32 bit/64 bit are in a 64 bit OS, the 64 bit version is stored in the x64bin folder.)

Modify the option "LogEnabled" to 1 to enable API log output.  Be sure to save the LogSettings.ini file after modification to ensure the option is set.

Once logging is enable you can find the log file "TMS2000API_MM-DD-YYYY_XX.log" in the following location:


Please contact, if you have any further questions.