Pocketing and Endorsement modes for TM-S2000 and TM-S9000 scanners

Started by Michael Japzon, October 17, 2014, 02:45:13 PM

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Michael Japzon

As with all scanners supported by Ranger, by default Ranger sets up the scanner to scan in its fast possible mode.  In Epson's high speed mode it is not possible to pocket items.  To pocket items you must enable Epson's "Confirmation mode" which slows the scanner down.  To enable confirmation mode, the scanner must have more than one pocket and you must enable the following GenericOption:


If Confirmation mode is enabled, the endorsement mode will also change.  By default, Epson's high speed mode will have a Batch endorsement scheme (EndorseModeOEM_Batch).  In confirmation mode, the endorsement mode will be NextItem, but this differs from other NextItem mode scanners.  Epson requests the endorsement two items ahead so the application will see the ReadyToSetEndorsement event be triggered twice before feeding and then subsequently for each new item.  In this mode it is possible for endorsement to be triggered for an item that will never be scanned since it is requesting two items ahead.  If you are indexing items it is important to ensure you count is accurate for every item scanned.

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