Why are there 15 to 20 second delays between Ranger States?

Started by fpalmasani, October 12, 2016, 01:03:18 PM

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In some cases, Canon CR-50 or CR-80 scanners can have
15 - 20 second delays between transitioning Ranger States.

If these abnormally long delay times are noticed:

Remove unneeded .loc files

 1. Navigate to:  
     -  "C:\Program Files (x86)\Silver Bullet Technology\Ranger\Scanner Plug-ins\Canon-CR50CR80\API Files"
 2. Locate the file: CanoEagle.log
 3. Delete CanoEagle.log
 4, Locate the file: ceidrvr.loc
 5. Delete ceidrvr.loc

If that does not remedy the issue:

 Please send Ranger Logs and INI files to support@sbullet.com

 How do I capture and send a Ranger log to technical support?:

 Where are the Ranger INI files located?:

**(ref. case #26337)

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