Why am I having problems after updating Ranger for Canon CR-55/25?

Started by wcoleman, April 22, 2008, 10:23:56 AM

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This is special case only when a customer has upgraded and things are not working as expected.

Usually the symptom is Ranger's call to Canon's CsdProbe() method fails – CR API / driver can't find the scanner.

We've not been able to isolate a culprit, just a cure.

Best guess is problems result from upgrading w/o Admin privileges, or CEI changes a system .dll file or some combination of the two.


Normally Ranger upgrades install and function without any problems.  However, we have encountered a few situations where the following steps can be used when the CR-25 or CR-55 does not function after a Ranger/Canon software upgrade.

Following are the steps to completely remove the old Ranger and Canon CR-25/55 software,
and install the new:

1) Login in using an account with administrator privileges
2) power off or disconnect the scanner from the PC;
3) open Control Panel/Add Remove Programs;
     a) remove Ranger for CR-25/55;
     b) remove any Canon CR-25/55 API/driver software;
4) delete or rename the following files in the System32/drivers folder;
5) delete or rename the following files in the system32 folder;
6) reboot the PC;
7) install the new version of Ranger for CR-25/55;
   ***NOTE do not install any other CR-25/55 software, or API, or drivers, etc.,
      the Ranger installer installs everything needed***;
8 ) connect and turn on the check scanner.

If the installation uses customized GenericOptions.ini and CR55Options.ini
files, and the customizations are not programmatically applied by the
application, then it is recommended that the .ini files be saved before removing
the old Ranger, and restored after installing the new Ranger.

In a typical Ranger installation the GenericOptions.ini and CR55Options.ini
files are found in C:\Program Files\Silver Bullet Technology\Ranger\CR-180\API Files for Ranger for the CR-25/55 versions older than 2.2.85.

For newer versions of Ranger for the CR-25/55 which support Vista, these files can be found in:

- C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Silver Bullet Technology\Ranger\CR-*\API Files (Windows XP or 2000)
- C:\Programdata\Silver Bullet Technology\Ranger\CR-*\API Files (Windows Vista)

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