Where are the Ranger INI files located at on Mac?

Started by fpalmasani, April 27, 2017, 11:35:17 AM

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On Mac, INI files should be located in a hidden folder in the user's Home directory.

   "Users/[User's Name]/.Silver Bullet Technology/Ranger/[Scanner Name]"

If the ".Silver Bullet Technology" folder is not found in the user's Home directory, hidden folders may not be visible. To show all hidden folders:

   1.  Open the Terminal
    2.  Type 'cd ~' and press 'Enter' to navigate to the user's Home directory.
    3.  Type 'ls -al' and press 'Enter' to list all files.
    4.  You should see ".Silver Bullet Technology" listed.
   2.  Type 'defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles NO' and press 'Enter'
   4.  Close 'Finder'.
   5.  Reopen 'Finder' and navigate to the user's Home directory.
   6.  Verify that ".Silver Bullet Technology" is now visible.
   7.  Navigate to the INI file location mentioned above.

If INI files are requested by Silver Bullet Support, please gather the following files and send them to support@sbullet.com.

   * GenericOptions.ini
   * [Scanner Name]Options.ini
   * TransportInfo.ini

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